Frequently Asked Question: What is the difference between sativa and indica?

Cannabis has evolved in nature to be able to thrive in almost any climate. As a result the appearance and growing style of individual strains can vary widely. Cannabis can be roughly divided into 2 main types; indica and sativa. Indica and Sativa both have different requirements depending on the stage of flower they are at. Because of this we highly recommend not mixing the different types together. Recently there has been some debate between Europe and the States but this is where we stand:
Indica cannabis strains originate from the middle east and have evolved to much smaller in stature with big thick leaves. They are normally well adjusted to hot and dry regions, but can be easily adapted for indoor cultivation as well. The standard flowering time for indica strains is normally shorter than with sativa strains at around 8-9 weeks though this is not always the case.
Sativa cannabis strains are from more tropical environments such as South East Asia and Central and South America. They have evolved to be much taller with thinner longer leaves and can take longer to complete the flowering time. Most sativa strains flower for approximately 10-12 weeks, but some strains can take as long as 14-16 weeks to flower.