Frequently Asked Question: How do I store Devil’s Harvest seeds?

Cannabis seeds can be kept successfully for a several years if stored correctly. There are several factors that can affect the long term viability of the seeds that should be taken into consideration. The seeds are prone to varying temperatures or levels of humidity. These influences can either trick the seed into germinating prematurely or simply stress the seed to the point of death.

Heat can obviously spoil the seeds; particularly if they are left out in the sun. Over-exposure to light can also trick seeds into starting the germination process. We recommend storing our seeds in a well-maintained refrigerator to prevent any mould or build-up of humidity. This could affect the viability of the seeds or trigger a premature germination.

We do not recommend keeping the seeds for more than 2 years; although they should be fine we feel that too many external factors (such as the ones mentioned above) have the potential to affect the seeds beyond that period.