Frequently Asked Question: Do we send seeds to the U.S?

We get asked this question so many times a day it’s not funny. The short answer is NO.

Despite recent promising legal developments with the majority of States now having some legal/medicinal provisions for marijuana use, the Federal government still scares us! We are not able to send seeds to the States directly, or to any country where there is a chance that our package will transit through US airspace.

Over the last couple of years we’ve spent a lot of time over on the west coast – particularly in L.A & California. With such a strong demand for our genetics, we have recently set up a seedbank in collaboration with our good friends in L.A – Nectar Sector. “Devil’s Nectar” is instantly doing very well and stocks a slimmed-down library of our genetics, all guaranteed by us. We have even won a few Cannabis Cups in the States recently with entries from Devil’s Nectar!

For more info on The Devil’s Nectar L.A or to enquire about getting seeds in the states, please email our buddy Jay HERE.