Frequently Asked Question: Can all Devil’s Harvest seeds be grown both indoors and outdoors?

All of our cannabis strains have been carefully selected for their stability and resilience and all can be grown to great success in all well maintained indoor environments. Cannabis can be grown in almost any climate. However, when growing outdoors there are a lot of factors to consider that can affect the final result. It will largely depend on which part of the world you live and how many hours of sunshine is available there. If you live near the equator where the daylight hours rarely fluctuate, it is recommended to start your plants indoors under a house lamp for 18 hours a day until the seedling has progressed to a decent size before placing them outside in the sun. This is because it will start to flower as soon as the plant is receiving 12 hours light per day.

It comes from experience but try to guage the space you have available and keep the plant in the growing stage until you’re satisfied you have optimised the space in the area available to you.

Cannabis florishes with an optimum temperature found between 25-35 degrees centigrade with a humidity of around 50%. Those living in areas of high humidity should concentrate on making sure there is enough fresh air being delivered to all corners of the plant as rot can develop in the later stages and could result in the loss of the entire harvest if you’re not careful.

For areas of low humidity we recommend that customers try one of our award winning kush strains. Their broad leaves can retain more water, and have adapted to thrive even in some of the driest regions as they originate from countries in the Middle East.

Remember, Cannabis is a weed and can therefore grow in most environments. Concentrating your efforts on creating the optimum conditions for your plants will ultimately result in a higher quality final product.