Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Choosing whether to buy feminized cannabis seeds or regular seeds is a choice based mainly on the grower’s preference. Many gardeners find feminized seeds particularly useful where they have an issue with space or time. Buying feminized seeds can simplify and shorten your grow quite considerably.  Please note we cannot ship seeds to the USA.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds guarantee no males. Our production methods ensure that every plant you grow flowers as a female. All of the seeds on this page yield dank, quality buds full of THC and CBD. Many of our cannabis strains produce a high yield with relative ease.

Historically you would allow a male plant to fertilise a female to produce seeds with no way of the grower knowing which sex each seed produced would be. Many inexperienced growers might be put off by the challenge of sexing and separating the plants accordingly. The task of identifying the sex can sometimes be challenging early on. The presence of a male in your grow can lead to huge complications – the pollen from just 1 male plant can fertilise many females and even decimate an entire crop. For this reason many growers prefer feminized cannabis seeds.

Our Production Method

The way in which we produce our feminized cannabis seeds is unique. We make our feminized cannabis seeds off the genetic itself; not a donor plant. We take a selective phenotype and breed it with itself. This process produces an S1, self-crossed feminized seed. Each with the exact same genetic makeup as our Cannabis Cup winning strains. This is a lengthy process which requires extreme patience & dedication. Our method ensures that every plant produced is genetically identical; producing the same high yield, THC/CBD ratio and THC & CBD levels.
Here at The Devil’s Harvest Seeds, we enforce an extremely high quality control standard. We have developed a top secret testing procedure. Each seed undergoes this process before being shipped. This has helped us to drastically improve typical germination rates and significantly reduced the risk of hermaphrodite occurring.

Our Guarantee

As in nature, mutations and anomalies can occur. It is always possible for some hermaphrodite to slip through the testing process. As with all grows, vigilance is obviously required. Cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds are often more sensitive to changes and less robust than regular seeds due to their genetic structure. These are not female seeds as they still contain the full genetics of both sexes. This means that feminized seeds are not recommended for use as mother plants. For a stable and reliable mother plant, a female selected from regular seeds is the best option.

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