The Devil’s Birth

We wanted to give you guys a bit of an introduction to tell you a bit about us and how we came to be. Hopefully you’ll become regular visitors and get to know us well. We’re constantly going to trade shows and entering our cannabis strains into Cannabis Cups all over the world so look out for us in a town near you soon, and come say ‘HIGH’

The Early Days

Before we started the company we were both happy inhabitants of the Amsterdam cannabis scene for many years. Not only could we sample an endless variety of flavours widely available in the city, we also learned the ins-and-outs of seed breeding from some of the pioneers of cannabis cultivation.
Knowledge was everywhere. All you had to do was light up, sit back and listen to the wonderful stories the old-timers had to tell. However with laws getting stricter, the quality of marijuana being grown in The Netherlands fell. This was 1 of the major factors that led to The Devil’s Birth.


The risk of prosecution forced many small-time growers to give up. Large-scale plantations started to dominate the scene. The tasteless Power Plant that started pouring into Amsterdam Coffeeshops might have been commercially interesting for the ones cultivating it, but it left a barren ground full of dissatisfaction for the connoisseur smokers flocking to our famous Coffeeshops. The scene started to suffer.

The Devil’s Birth

We decided to make it our mission to bring the taste back to the bud. We joined forces and the Devil was born! Ever since the birth of our company we have been hunting down new strains across the world. We look for unique phenotypes. By tirelessly crossing and selecting, we try to bring the world the full benefit of what mother earth has to offer.
As you probably already know, our search has been a fruitful one. We managed to create one of the best Kushes in the world with our Rollex OG Kush, winning numerous prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup, Spannabis and many other competitions worldwide. We hear people say our Strawberry Sour Diesel is ‘the best thing they have ever had in their bong’ and our Kuchi is highly appreciated by grass lovers for its combination of a Kush punch with a slight hint of classic cheese.

What Do We Stand For?

As part of our effort to get you to know us better, we thought we’d tell you what we stand for. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll touch upon all of this in more depth, but here are our core principles which drive us to do what we do:
– Full legalisation of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use.
– An end to persecution of innocent people – this ‘War On Drugs’ is really a war on people.
– Personal freedom and peaceful freedom of expression.
– The immediate release of ALL cannabis prisoners worldwide.
– We believe that cannabis should be recognised for its importance to humanity throughout history.

The Future

So we are happy with the way things are going. We love what we do and we will definitely keep trying to bring you and other cannabis lovers the best highs and flavours. One of our main goals for the near future is to release a CBD strain with good medicinal properties. We have been working on it for 2 years now and have a few different strains which we have been refining and testing. We are particularly excited by our 1:1 ratio (CBD-THC) which we are in final stages with. This is a subject close to our heart so we really want to get it perfect before launching.
Have we told you about our latest venture in the States? We have recently started a new company in The States – we’ve called it The Devil’s Nectar Seeds as it is a collaboration between ourselves and our good friends Nectar Sector from L.A.. Nectar Sector is already gainig a good following in The States, where we feel that seed breading has not yet reached its full potential. We want to contribute with the experience we have gained from our years as cannabis breeders. Our stated mission is to create new and exciting strains combining the best of European and American genetics. If Holland and Europe was the Devil’s birth, then the US is just another important step in our goal to spread the Devil’s seeds all over the world.
***Watch this space for heaps news of exclusive collabs and loads more amazing content – from our latest offers & where we are appearing, right through to educational and instructional guides, legal news and the global fight to end this dumb and wasteful prohibition. This is also the best place to find out about our newest cannabis strains, latest collabs and any other interesting action from The Devil’s lair.***


Paul & Daira, founders of The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company


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