The Grey Area Amsterdam - Menu 2011

The Grey Area Menu 2011 – #TBT

We are huge fans of The Grey Area and always have been. This Coffeeshop has had a cult following for decades so even getting our strains onto the menu here was a great honour.
This pic dates back to April 2011 and was a proud moment for us. To walk in and see so many of our cannabis strains grace this legendary Coffeeshop menu really made us feel like we had finally arrived with the big boys – a really big moment for us!
The Grey Area Amsterdam - Menu

The Grey Area

We’ve always loved hanging out at ‘The Grey’ and nobody in Amsterdam doubts their quality control process, so it was really a vote of confidence in our genetics to see our Casey Jones, Shoreline, Fallen Angel AND Khufu all representing on the menu AT THE SAME TIME! Since then we’ve won Cannabis Cups together, with Devil’s Harvest’s cannabis strains now a regular feature on the menu. Shout out to Jon and all the chiefs & fossils at The Grey Area. A full article on the shop is coming soon. YEAH BABY!


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