Remo Urban Grower – #tbt

Friends United!
Here’s a pic of Devil’s Harvest founder Daire with one of the coolest cats in the scene – Remo Urban Grower. This pic was taken at Spannabis this year. We’ve really built up a following in Spain having been entering Cannabis Cups and attending cannabis expos for the last 5 years. Look at all that wax and dabs on the table! In this pic, we’ve just found out that we’ve won 1st place for our Shoreline extract.
This victory was a culmination of lots of hard work and dedication from our team of breeders. Honestly, our winning wax was INSANE!
We had so much fun here (as always) and are more at home here every year. Recently, it feels like a relief to us when we visit Spain.
Remo Urban Grower


Whilst we sense the tide of prohibition once again sweeping through Holland, Spain is becoming much more liberal and feels like it is in the midst of a progressive movement to unfuck it’s citizens from this disasterous policy. We support many initiatives and growers in Spain and love catching up with them all at these events. Follow this blog or our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with our movements. We love meeting you guys and often run promos at such events so look out for our next appearance and try to come and say hi!


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