Cannabis Cup Flyer

Cannabis Cup Flyer – #TBT

Cannabis Cup Flyer

Here’s a Cannabis Cup Flyer for last year’s High Times Cannabis Cup 2014 where we were lucky enough to win 1st and 2nd prize!
Having scooped overall 1st place in 2013 with our Rollex OG Kush, 1st place in 2014 actually went to Cookies Kush which used our Rollex OG Kush as a stud.
2nd Place in 2014 went to our OG Reek’n, entered by our buddies over at The Green Place Coffeeshop.
High Times Cup 2014


This ended up being quite a farce with Amsterdam deciding to try and block the event happening and the police raiding the Melkweg during the setup of the Expo. Despite all the bullshit, we managed to stay positive and do our own thing – stoners are hardly known for being a rowdy bunch after all! What do you guys think of our Cannabis Cup Flyer?


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