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casey jones outdoors holland

Casey Jones Outdoors – FANPIC

Here’s a picture of a particularly healthy Casey Jones outdoors cannabis grow sent to us from a Dutch fan. As you can see, Casey Jones regular cannabis seeds can grow to HUGE proportions given the right conditions and experience. A super high yield and a resistance to mould makes this cannabis plant the ideal choice for many gardeners. Even in more temperate conditions such as those found in Holland, Casey Jones can grow to a monstrous size!
casey jones outdoor holland

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Dutch Cannabis Policy

Dutch Cannabis Policy

In this series of articles, we are going to bring you an overview of cannabis laws across the globe and how the legal landscape is changing all over – often for the better. For a number of reasons, the obvious starting point for this series is our beloved Holland. Whenever we meet tourists here or travel abroad, we often encounter a general level of curiosity as to how decriminalisation works here. Holland has become the beacon for cannabis enthusiasts the world over, but many don’t realise quite how precarious the situation has become here – with misinformation constantly swirling.


Dutch Cannabis Policy


Contrary to popular belief cannabis is not legal in The Netherlands. The abundance of cosy Coffeeshops that can be found all over the central area of Amsterdam might suggest otherwise, but the sale and even possession of cannabis is officially forbidden in Holland; having never officially been legalized due mainly to pressure from European neighbours and the US…
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Remo Urban Grower – #tbt

Friends United!
Here’s a pic of Devil’s Harvest founder Daire with one of the coolest cats in the scene – Remo Urban Grower. This pic was taken at Spannabis this year. We’ve really built up a following in Spain having been entering Cannabis Cups and attending cannabis expos for the last 5 years. Look at all that wax and dabs on the table! In this pic, we’ve just found out that we’ve won 1st place for our Shoreline extract.
This victory was a culmination of lots of hard work and dedication from our team of breeders. Honestly, our winning wax was INSANE!
We had so much fun here (as always) and are more at home here every year. Recently, it feels like a relief to us when we visit Spain.
Remo Urban Grower

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Cannabis Lovers - Devil's Harvest Amsterdam Logo 2015

Cannabis Lovers – Hello!

The Devil's Harvest Seeds - Devil Head
Hello Cannabis Lovers! We are very proud to introduce to you our brand new website, complete with this fantastic new cannabis blog!. Still a work in progress, we are really hopeful that you find it informative and get to know us as a team. We’ve got so many ideas and such a rich archive of past pictures to share with you guys.
We also want to hear from you and get pictures of your own cannabis grow (or any other stuff related to the Devil). This is the number one place to hear about all our special offers and stay up to date with all the latest at The Devil’s Harvest Seeds.

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