casey jones outdoors holland

Casey Jones Outdoors – FANPIC

Here’s a picture of a particularly healthy Casey Jones outdoors cannabis grow sent to us from a Dutch fan. As you can see, Casey Jones regular cannabis seeds can grow to HUGE proportions given the right conditions and experience. A super high yield and a resistance to mould makes this cannabis plant the ideal choice for many gardeners. Even in more temperate conditions such as those found in Holland, Casey Jones can grow to a monstrous size!
casey jones outdoor holland

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Spannabis 2013 Cupwinners

Spannabis 2013 – #TBT

We love entering our cannabis strains into Cannabis Cups wherever they are in the world. Here’s a pic of our founder Paul at Spannabis 2013, proudly displaying our Cup for winning 3rd prize for our Casey Jones. Such a great moment for us; we had such an amazing time making new friends and seeing the expanding scene in Barcelona.
Spannabis Cup 2013

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The Grey Area Amsterdam - Menu 2011

The Grey Area Menu 2011 – #TBT

We are huge fans of The Grey Area and always have been. This Coffeeshop has had a cult following for decades so even getting our strains onto the menu here was a great honour.
This pic dates back to April 2011 and was a proud moment for us. To walk in and see so many of our cannabis strains grace this legendary Coffeeshop menu really made us feel like we had finally arrived with the big boys – a really big moment for us!
The Grey Area Amsterdam - Menu

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Cannabis Cups - Devil's Harvest High Times Cannabis Cup 2014

Cannabis Cup Wins

We have been lucky enough to get recognition for our hard work as breeders and scoop the odd Cannabis Cup over the last few years. We are always looking for ways to engage with weed smokers all over the world. We have found that entering our cannabis strains into various international and local Cannabis Cups is a great way to get our name out there and to get stoners to try our genetics.
We often hear reports of our strains winning in Cups that we didn’t enter ourselves, (such as our recent 1st place in Denver – more news on that when we get it), proving the strength of our genetics.
Devil's Harvest High Times Cannabis Cup 2014

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