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The Monsters Cup 2018 Awards.


The Monsters Cup 2018 Award Ceremony!

Only a true Monster can win!


March 10.


The Monsters Cup

There are endless good times in Barcelona. If you’re in town be sure to stop by and say Hi to our friends at The Monsters Cup awards ceremony. Starting at 8pm @ Av Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 13


Nerd Creations brings you 8 separate categories and awards with 8 professional judges in attendance. There will be Live Music from Big Narstie and DJ Skrtchy, rounding off what has been a spectacular week of activities.


The winners will receive The Monsters Cup Championship Ring!.


We at Devil’s Harvest Seeds are especially happy to show our gratitude to our friends and colleagues @nerdcreations @themonsterscup and @aranuaclub  for their warm hospitality.


Thanks to everyone involved for making this yet another great occasion!





mail for more info.



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Booth #13 at Spannabis 2018!


Our Partners for Spannabis 2018!



Booth 13 at Spannabis 2018.

March 9-11.


We at Devil’s Harvest Seeds proudly announce our booth partners for Spannabis 2018!


This year we are joined at Booth #13 by cannabis innovators Dr Zodiak, MoonrocksOG, Honeycomb Extracts and DGS BotanicalsWith such great and diverse company on board, we know we’re all set for an incredible 3 days!


Join us for another epic year at Spannabis, the expo that has taken cannabis events to the next level. It’s going to be non-stop giveaways, promos and parties so whatever else you do this March, get yourself along to Spannabis 2018 and come visit us at Booth #13!


Scroll through our blog for more details of our plans for Barcelona and Spannabis 2018.



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First Ever Rosin Competition!





click for the Masters of Rosin Facebook page.

March 4-11.


With host Nikka T from Essential Extracts.


HQ Barcelona presents The Masters of Rosin. The first ever professional competition dedicated solely to rosin!



More than 10 professional judges will evaluate the entries for a total of 7 days . At the end of the week, one lucky winner is going to  receive the “Golden Iron” worth 1000 EUROS!



HQ Barcelona will be joined by DNA Genetics, Frenchy Cannoli, The English Cut, Dabinator and many more for this fantastic occasion. In charge of analysis will be Fundación CANNA: Scientific research and Cannabis testing. Because we all have the right to know what we consume.


With a whole week of workshops and music, this is going to be the perfect introduction to those that are new to making rosin and a great occasion for those already in the know.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy the Vape Station and the Vapes ‘n’ Dabs Bar from Dabinator too!


Catch up with the HQ Team on their Instagram page for more event news or check the schedule for details.



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Barcelona 2018! (pt2)


Barcelona, here we come…All the news for Barcelona.


Cannabis Cup Barcelona Official website – CannabisCupBarcelona

Dab-A-Doo 2018 Facebook page – DAB-A-DOO

Spannabis Official website – SPANNABIS 2018



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Is cannabis law changing in the Netherlands?


2016 has brought a lot of changes both god and bad in the cannabis community in The Netherlands. As you can see in the title image and the article from Joost Pijpker that inspired this post.

While America is making changes on a state level to enable and legalise cannabis use, the Netherlands is actively trying to go backwards in it’s “allowed” freedom for it’s citizens.

It is perfectly fine to drink your liver away on whiskey and even harder liquor but the Dutch government are not the same as the Dutch people, they are more right wing than liberal and support the semi prohibition, in fact they have made it even worse this year.

A change in the law in January 2016 meant that the old model of growing 5 plants being (semi) legal was scrapped if cannabis was grown indoors under a lamp.

This rather confusing law change has created even more upheaval in an already poorly managed and barely understood system (named; gedoog beleid)

This draconian measure to prevent people from growing quality cannabis for themselves and forcing them to purchase what they need from shops that sell their medicine without the quality control they had.

It is not all bad news though, recent developments in Tilburg for example have shown that communities are taking it upon themselves to do what is right and license a new form of rule that allows for a somewhat regulated system of home production. This sort of solution is needed as the current Dutch law has failed the country, the businesses and the community.

In Tilburg it is now allowed for medicinal cannabis patients to grow their own plants (upto 5) with some strict rules, the grower must be over 21, The grower must have the relevant safety measures and the plants cannot grow taller than 3 meters. (source: NRC Article; Joost Pijpker)

Local law changes like this are a good indication of changing times and also the realisation that it is safer for all parties involved to allow the growing of cannabis by patients in need. This will give them quality control over their own end product and not be a victim of poorly grown, pesticide filled product sold by shady sellers or retailers.

Lets hope that the future of both the plant and the law in the Netherlands continues in a positive way, as everyone knows the truth about this wonderful herb, but things wont improve if the government is determined to stay ignorant by choice.

CannaFest 2016



Devil’s Harvest seeds will of course be attending the amazing CannaFest show in Prague November 2016.

This wonderful show has been taken place for the last seven years and we are very happy to have a booth at this years event to show off and promote our amazing cannabis seeds.  We are also very happy to meet our friends, partners in the industry and to catch up with our loyal seed collecting community.


Our wonderful colleagues will be in place with our special €1 seed offer and of course to answer your questions and maybe even to give away a few of our amazing seeds, make sure you pop by for a chat and the chance to pick up some award winning seeds for your collection.


Shoreline seeds available for €1 at CannaFest this year, so make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer.


If you cant make it you can always still purchase our cup winning Devils Harvest strains on our website:


Ben Dronkers – PROFILE


One of the things that we’ve decided to do with this blog is to profile and shout-out people who we feel are important to the cause for whatever reason. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re always going to be these huge figures – we also want to shout out the ‘little guy’ making waves in their own pond. There are so many important people in the movement doing their bit to change perceptions and confront this crazy prohibition publically. These are people who have said “You know what? This is wrong, and I’m not going to tolerate this hypocrisy!” We don’t want to make this blog just about us selling cannabis seeds and endlessly boasting. We also want to draw attention to these heroes of the movement.

Ben Dronkers - Sensi Seeds Continue reading

Golden Haze Cannabis


Golden Haze Competition Winners
At the start of December we launched our latest cannabis strain – Golden Haze. We’re super proud of this lovely lady and to celebrate we decided to give away a little goodie bag which would include 10 feminized Golden Haze seeds.
The response we had was great – as always from our fans. Many of you shared it, liked, commented and even sent in fan art! This inspired us to up the prizes and give away 3 – yes 3 – goodie bags. 3 times the fun, 3 times the chance of winning!

Continue reading

Golden Haze Cannabis


We are so happy to launch our latest strain – Golden Haze Feminized.


To coincide with our latest cannabis seed launch, we’re running this super competition. You have to be logged into Facebook, but you could win a goodie bag including a 10 pack of our brand new strain: GOLDEN HAZE available only in Feminized.
Have a look in the product description to find out all about this wonderful strain – the story is pretty cool.
The competition runs for the next 10 days, with winners being announced on Christmas Day itself. It really could be a Devilishly happy Xmas for you!
Golden Haze Cannabis

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The Devil’s Team