Spannabis 2016

Spannabis 2016. What can we say but… ‘WOW – WHAT AN EPIC WEEKEND!’

Having been winners last year and regular exhibitors & competitors at Spannabis for the last 5 years straight; we were pretty sure we knew what to expect. But this year exceeded our already high expectations!
The whole event felt awesome from the start – so many amazing people and companies showing their stuff. Spannabis 2016 was packed every day. From the second we arrived at our stall at Booth 13, we knew that this year was was going to be a bit special. The energy was unreal. We feel like this was the busiest Spannabis yet with solid queues forming before 8am! Our stall was busy the whole time, particularly on the Friday & Saturday where we were too busy to even go and explore the rest of the event.
Spannabis 2016


Spannabis 2016 Trophy - 1st prize OG Reek'n - Devil's Harvest Seeds

There really was no let up; we wanted to meet everyone ourselves and have that personal experience.

We were running a promotion which proved to be really popular – We actually ran out of all our seed stock on Sunday which is a 1st for us at Spannabis. It was at that point that we really got to go out and explore the rest of the event fully – what a monster convention!

Spannabis 2016 really felt like a breakthrough event.

From the crowds and knowledge floating around to some of the personalities we bumped into; we were blown away to be in such esteemed company – all in the wonderful city of Barcelona.

We also found that loads of people were over from Amsterdam which made the event feel even more like home.


Spannabis 2016 – Our Highlights:

Kicking back with the Prince of Pot himself Marc Emery and talking politics, having a great talk about growing techniques and all things US-related with legendary reporter Jorge Cervantes and spending some precious time with the incredibly busy Moises of Canamo Magazine who organises the Cup. We also enjoyed doing a couple of interviews with our good friend Remo (Remo Nutrients) and Zamnesia. Chilling with longtime friends Milo of Big Buddha Seeds (we had our stalls opposite each other), the guys from The Grey Area and our brothers over at Ripper Seeds is always great too. Big congratulations go to Ripper for their 2nd place in the Indoor Bio category for their awesome Ripper Badazz.

We got a chance to sit down with the guys over at Barney’s and talk genetics. We also had some interesting discussions and talks about doing some possible collaborations on new strains. Kyle Kushman gave us some very special seeds for some possible future projects which is also very exciting for us! Watch this space for any developments on these stories. You’ll hear it first here on our cannabis seeds blog. We had a great time with friends and family; it was great being able to hang out with good friends like the guys from Abscent Minded who were there with their range of smell-proof bags.

The scale and popularity of the event did lead to some chaos – good chaos. We only just made it to the awards ceremony! The announcements themselves were the most wonderfully bizarre experience of the whole weekend. The best way to describe the goings on is to say that the winners were announced in a tripped out jazz announcement style by a jazz band who kind of sang and performed the winners details on the stage whilst playing music. This is really what happened and is really hard to accurately describe without video footage. Such an amazing approach to an awards ceremony and absolutely fitting for the occasion.

Competition Time!

Having placed 1st last year in the Best Extractions category with our Shoreline Live Resin, we really felt the pressure to do well and try and defend our title at Spannabis 2016. We were acutely aware of all the immense breeders and extract artists vying to take our crown and, although quietly confident, we obviously could not be sure of anything going into the weekend.
After all the great competition, we were incredibly humbled to once again take home 1st place for our entry in the Best Extractions category. This time with our OG Reek’n live resin extract made by Dairy Boy of Legendairy Harvest, and extract artist – Nectar Sector deliveries & Devil’s Nectar chief – Mr Jay. We really have to also give a HUGE shout out to Rare Dankness on this one – their Wardareek’n is the backbone of our Reek’n and we’re really grateful.
* * * * * To celebrate our win, we’ve decided to do a promo on our OG Reek’n regular seeds. For the next 2 weeks, simply enter this code: spannabiswinner at the checkout to get 25% off these Cup-winning cannabis seeds.* * * * *
Devil's Harvest Booth at Spannabis 2016
Overall, we had the best time and took a few days to recover, especially with all the parties going on after hours. As always, we were really well looked after by our great friends Silvano and the guys over at the Barcelona Strain Hunters Club. They showed us great hospitality and their event was the after-Cup event all weekend.

We’re already looking forward to next year!

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