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Cannabis Lovers – Hello!

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Hello Cannabis Lovers! We are very proud to introduce to you our brand new website, complete with this fantastic new cannabis blog!. Still a work in progress, we are really hopeful that you find it informative and get to know us as a team. We’ve got so many ideas and such a rich archive of past pictures to share with you guys.
We also want to hear from you and get pictures of your own cannabis grow (or any other stuff related to the Devil). This is the number one place to hear about all our special offers and stay up to date with all the latest at The Devil’s Harvest Seeds.


There’s also a serious side to our blog (BOOOOOO HISSSSSSS). But really, marijuana is a MEDICINE. This is 2015. We are outraged by this ridiculous 100 year-old prohibition and as such we aim to highlight this hypocrisy wherever possible. So many great people have become victims of aggressive and mis-founded policies which continue to destroy countless families across the globe – be it by law enforcement or the denial to medicine. Let’s all say it together – CANNABIS IS A MEDICINE.


As well as announcing our newest strains and shameless self-promotion – this is a blog after all – we’re going to dedicate a good amount of time to factual stuff here too. From informative (hopefully) medical pieces, to profiles of leading activists and our own take on global cannabis news – we aim to offer readers a place to come and find out what’s happening in the cannabis world, both in Holland and abroad. Our new range of Devil’s Harvest Merchandise is now also in stock so make sure to check out our latest collection.


Don’t forget to keep us updated with your photos. It’s always great for us to see the progress and what can be accomplished once you guys are off to the right start. We’re super-interested to hear about all the latest developments in all the niche weed areas such as cannabis concentrates, CBD strains, new potential medical applications etc..
Casey Jones Feminised by The Devil's Harvest Seeds


If you have anything that you think we’d like to know about, or just want to reach out and say hi, then just email us here – we really do want to hear from you! We will be launching competitions across our social media, so don’t miss out, and make sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for your chance to get your hands on the best cannabis memorabilia available.


Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned!
The Devil’s Harvest Team


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