Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized





Strawberry Sour Diesel


Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized (SSD) has rapidly become one of our most popular strains. Many people who require medicinal cannabis report noticeable benefits due in part to the high CBD content of our SSD.

Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized is a fierce fusion between a male Sour Diesel and a unique phenotype of a Strawberry Cough female from Dutch Passion Seeds.   This cross produces a strong taste which is an even marriage between citrus flavours and the distinctive Sour Diesel. The taste tells you straight away that you’re smoking on an indica.  With our SSD, the results are often incredibly colourful and high-yielding.  Growers love this classic plant with dream characteristics – beautiful buds, high yields and an early finisher. What’s not to like?! Great plant and bud structure makes this cannabis plant remarkably easy to manipulate.  This makes Strawberry Sour Diesel very easy to fill a space with.  It is also perfect for a Sea of Green growing method. Strawberry Sour Diesel produces dank buds with a high CBD content. This characteristic makes it a favourite for medicinal cannabis users.

Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized

SSD is one of our original strains whose popularity keeps increasing, with stoners still discovering it today.  Having placed 2nd in the High Life Cup in 2014, SSD is now being recognized as a major contender.  The unique ‘fuel’ taste that it produces has taken the community by storm. Strawberry is a resilient cannabis plant which is rewarding to grow. We recommend her for both indoor and outdoor projects due to the fast finishing time.  We love the SSD and just can’t keep hold of it.  The unique colour of the buds and the flavour mean that people take one look / whiff and snap it up.

Cup Wins:

HIGH LIFE CUP 2014 – 3rd Place (Bio)

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Additional information

Genetic Make up

Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel


75% / 25%

THC Content

19 – 22%

Flowering Time Indoor

55-60 DAYS


High Yield

Cannabis Cup Wins

HIGH LIFE CUP 2014 – 3rd Place (Bio)



Flowering Time Outdoor


Ease of Growth



Strawberry, Sage, Sweet


Strong Stoned

Effect Description

Relaxed, Stoned, Carefree

Plant Characteristics

Very tall, rewarding plant. Resistant to mal-treatment.

Min. Vegetation Time

2 weeks

Preferred Climate

Will grow in almost any climate

Preferred Grow Style

Suitable for all grow styles. Giving ample grow space for each plant is recommended.

Price Range


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