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Devil’s Harvest Multi Award Winning Feminized and Regular Cannabis Seed Bank. Cannabis Seeds Shipped Discreetly To Your Door.

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds have rapidly gained a reputation for producing unique cannabis strains, customers choose our genetics to achieve high yields. Our regular and feminized cannabis seeds are very reliable and have been bred to have the shortest possible flowering period.

Amsterdam has always , our award-winning cannabis seedbank has taken the competition world by storm. We have won several high-profile Cannabis Cups. These include High Times Amsterdam, Spannabis & High Life to name but a few. This success has led to us garnering support from across the stoner universe, including some high-profile celebrity stoners.

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About Us

The Staff at The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company pride ourselves in creating tasty, heavy-hitting, high-yielding cannabis strains. All of our cannabis genetics are robust and suitable for indoor and outdoor growing (depending on location). Each strain has been selectively bred from our extensive and unique collection of cannabis genotypes to produce some incredibly potent ganja.

It was in Amsterdam that The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company was started by committed breeders after several years of success. During this time, they worked with many of the most reputable figures in the industry. After years of smoking and sampling the best products that Amsterdam’s famous Coffeeshops had to offer, our founder Paul decided to create The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company. Having already gained a reputation for creating some phenomenal weed The goal was to fully showcase their cannabis strains and distribute their cannabis seeds all over the globe. Lovingly combining solid old-school genetics with newer strains has resulted in some of the most unique and sought-after cannabis in the industry today. This has led to phenomenal international recognition and success.

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Customers expect security and privacy we want to reassure you that we really value your privacy and trust as much as we do our own, our main aim is to offer a super-discreet delivery service and a secure, reliable payment process.

People who purchase with us are guaranteed a completely protected payment process from start to finish. We do not store any of your details or share them with any other party. No data is even collected by us.

Your bank has the only record of the transaction. We certainly do not collect or market personal details.

Customer orders are carefully packaged in a robust and discreet white padded envelope. This is designed to fit through a standard letter box; helping to minimize the chances of having to collect a missed parcel from a post office in person. The label on the envelope is printed by computer (not handwritten). There is no mention of either The Devil’s Harvest Seeds, cannabis seeds or cannabis anywhere on the packaging. e.g It just looks like a normal letter.